Can you stop lab kit waste?

Study sites are overflowing with too many lab kits. Let's put an end to it!

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Too Many Kits

Lab kit oversupply impacts 80% of sites around the world.

Waste Hurts Enrollment

88% of study sites feel that lab kit waste hurts enrollment.

It's Not Just Kits

Trial sponsors have no way of knowing what sites need.

Stop Waste with Slope

Join the hundreds of sites around the world using Slope to combat lab kit waste. Our FREE solution makes it easy for your study site to get organized.

Is this really a problem?

You bet! Slope did a survey of 212 Clinical Research Coordinators and found that 80% of study sites have too many lab kits on hand, with an overwhelming majority of these ending up in the trash.

Who does it hurt?

Lab kit oversupply impacts study sites, the places where clinical research happens. According to our survey 88% of study sites feel that oversupply impacts their efficiency & ability to focus on patient enrollment - this is a big deal.

Why is this happening?

Clinical trial sponsors and their vendors have no way of knowing what study sites need.

Who is Slope?

Clinical trials require a lot of supplies, lab kits, drugs, and equipment. Slope's technology ensures that each study site has exactly what they need to move research forward.